About Us

What is BCMUN

British Columbia Model United Nations (BCMUN) is a highly anticipated two-day hotel conference that takes place annually in the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC. The conference offers high school students from around the world an opportunity to practice their public speaking, debate, diplomatic attitudes, and critical thinking skills. BCMUN provides an environment that is conducive to personal growth and learning, enabling students to develop the skills necessary to become effective communicators and future leaders.

With BCMUN, hundreds of students can learn about different world issues and make new friendships. The conference offers a diverse range of committees, from UN General Assemblies to advanced crisis committees, where students can discuss and debate global issues such as climate change, nuclear disarmament, and human rights. BCMUN's committee simulations allow students to gain a deeper understanding of various perspectives and cultures. It provides an atmosphere that fosters the sharing of ideas and cultural exchange, while also allowing students to form connections with peers from around the world.

Our Venue

Fairmont Pacific Rim

The Fairmont Pacific Rim, located amidst spectacular mountain and harbour views, is the perfect venue for BCMUN. The Fairmont Pacific Rim, being a 5-star hotel, offers a luxurious setting that provides conference participants a stunning and sophisticated experience. The hotel rooms boast a magnificent view of the city, a beautifully designed interior, and modern amenities, which provide students with a comfortable and relaxing environment in which to work and socialize. Moreover, the Vancouver Convention Center also boasts amazing facilities, contributing to the professional and polished atmosphere of BCMUN - making it a truly unforgettable experience.

Our missions

Academic Enrichment

BCMUN offers an unparalleled level of academic enrichment towards all delegates. The hiring process of our Dias members are highly selective; only the most qualified candidates are chosen to guide participants. Moreover, we offer personalized and meaningful support to delegates, exposing them to the world of Model UN. Regardless of whether you are a new delegate, or a MUN veteran who has participated in dozens of conferences, BCMUN will offer a rewarding experience full of knowledge and friendships.

"The youth are our future leaders." BCMUN believes that this could not be more true; our conference is run exclusively by high-school students. We hope that through the lens of upcoming leaders, BCMUN is able to foster the highest level of personal development across all participants.

Raising Awareness of Global Events

BCMUN started off as an online conference; we hoped that this would enable voices from all over the world to speak to the youth from Vancouver. This year, although British Columbia Model United Nations is moving in person, we still aim to have delegates from all over the world still connect at our conference. Our committees and topics are designed so that participants can enrich their knowledge of our world's current position. With staff members who are experts in their respective topics, we are confident that BCMUN will be an exquisite experience for everyone.

If you would like to view our conference's committees along with its topic, please click here. For any further questions, please contact sg@bcmun.org.

Board of Directors

The BCMUN Board of Directors consists of a team of experienced adults. The Board of Directors provide long term planning, guidance, and insight. BCMUN's Board of Directors work closely with the secretariat team to ensure the continuity of the conference. Any inquiries regarding the Board of Directors may be sent to inquiries@bcmun.org.